Hester Bais & Maartje van der Beek | barrister and solicitor in Dutch Financial Law

BAIS Legal was founded in 2010 by Hester Bais. In 2017 Hester Bais and Maartje van der Beek founded a new law firm, BAIS Legal B.V. BAIS Legal is specialised in complex legal issues related to financial (supervision) law, insolvency law and finance (loan agreements, collateral management, factoring, etc.). BAIS Legal does not assist consumers.  

Membership Dutch Bar Association

Hester Bais are Martje van der Beek are both admitted as member of the Dutch Bar Association.

Social Responsibilty

BAIS Legal strives for social responsibility. In doing so, BAIS Legal gives monetary donations and free legal aid to both Dutch and local social organizations.

As of 2014 Hester and Maartje are actively and socially involved in enforcing Dutch banks (and politician and regulators) to take responsibility in respect of paying damages as a result of misselling of interest rate swaps. Since July 2016 a collective redress scheme has been accepted by banks and was published in the Netherlands which requires banks to pay redress to SMEs.