Legal fees

BAIS Legal charges competitive rates and seeks to avoid disappointments or discussions on fees as much as possible by making clear agreements in advance. That is your and our interests. This enables you to make a proper cost-benefit analysis. Indeed, the benefits have to outweigh the costs.

Flexible pricing

BAIS Legal’s standard hourly rate amounts to € 290 (excluding 19% VAT and additional costs such as court fees, the cost of the bailiff, etc.). There are no so-called 'office costs' charged (usually 5 to 7%). In some cases a lower hourly rate may apply, depending on the scope of the case, the type of customer and the importance of the case. Under certain circumstance it is also possible to advance a fixed fee amount to agree. For urgent matters and cases with large pecuniary interest, higher rates than the standard hourly rate may be applied.

Interim Solutions

Some retainers can be performed more efficiently in the client office such as legal or compliance related solutions, which are closely intertwined with the operational processes within the company. The development of internal procedures is an example. The fee amounts to € 800 for half a day (excluding VAT) and € 1,400 per day (excluding VAT). In the case of long-term interim assignments different fee arrangements are negotiable

Free introductory meeting

In the first (free) introductory meeting BAIS Legal will discuss the applicable hourly rate and, if possible, give a prognosis regarding the total fees, so you will not be surprised by unexpected high costs. In principle, long-term retainers are settled periodically, so you will keep good overview about the total costs.

Travel time and costs

In principle, the travel time and travel costs are not passed to the client in case of client meetings in Amsterdam and the province of Utrecht.